V.i.p.i. was founded in 1972 by Mr. Pierluigi Vagli,who was at the time the sole proprietor. For the first twelve year, the company production consisted of different kinds of chromium-plated iron-wire items, manufactored for the following markets:

  • appliances
  • small appliances
  • wire items for supermarket
  • articles for camping

In 1984, it was decided to trasform the enamelled cast-iron grills for kitchen levels into the current enamelled plate grills. In 1986, the company was changed from a sole proprietorship into a company limited by a share capital (S.r.l.). The company is currently situated in Via Gitti, 56, with an office building for the accounting-administrative and managerial functions. Adjoining this building,there is the 3.000 mq factory in which the enamelled grills are manufactored. The aforegoing is part of the company's capital. At the moment, V.i.p.i. S.r.l. is a leading company on the national market for grill plate production, while in the last years it has improved and consolidate its position on European market.

Vipi’s current business includes all the above, together with the following:

Vipi project → we offer consulting and design for production lines for the processing and welding of wire and solutions for improving existing production processes. Leave it to us to design the production line best suited to your needs.  We will find the optimal solution for you and recommend the machinery best suited to your requirements, in terms of both technology and production capacity.

Wire grilles and shelves for household appliances → we produce customised wire grilles and shelves of any size and for all requirements, through an in-house production process with state-of-the-art CNC machinery, using gun, punch, wire and butt welding processes. 

Wire accessories → our latest-generation CNC machines are able to produce / bend any wire piece or accessory for any requirement

Vineyard accessories → under the “il vitigno” brand we are at your service for the supply of complete systems, accessories and consulting for planting or upgrading your vineyards. We assist you in choosing the product best suited to your requirements in terms of quality/price ratio and then supply exactly what you need.

Runners → we design and produce functional, top-quality oven runners.

Dairy line → we design and build customised cheese ripening racks and stands in stainless or galvanised steel, tailored to any dairy’s needs